Are Your Friends a Bad Influence on Your Relationship?

They call him controlling for asking where you are

When your partner simply texts to ask what you’re up to or when you’’ll be home, your friends joke that he has you on a leash or he is too controlling. They may even grab the phone and teasingly tell your partner you aren’t coming home tonight, just to make him feel silly for asking the question.


They have “single women only” events

In a passive aggressive move, some of your single friends might have “single women only” nights. Apparently, there are some things they just can’t talk about when you, their friend in a relationship, are around. This can leave you feeling pretty left out. But that’s what they hoped for-to make you feel left out, just like they feel left out of committed relationships.


They tell you you’ve become boring

Your friends joke that you’ve become boring since you got into a relationship, all because you don’t want to do things like flash a group of guys for free shots or dance drunk and naked through a football field late at night. You just don’t want to do something that would really upset or hurt your partner’s feelings.


They openly hate men

If your girlfriends openly hate men it’s nearly impossible for them to not be bad influences on your relationship. You’ll have to constantly fight off and reject the negative things they say about men and remind yourself those things don’t apply to your partner. Hanging out with them while still thinking positively about men and relationships can feel like an uphill battle.