Signs You’re Staying At A Bad Hotel

If your summer vacation includes a hotel stay, you hope it’s a great experience. But it could also suck. Here are The Top Signs You’re Staying at a Bad Hotel.

  • When you ask the desk clerk to recommend something to do, she says, “Check into another hotel.”
  • Their “Presidential Suite” is a room with two Russian hookers into water sports.
  • You have to specifically ask for towels without bloodstains.
  • They say they’re a “green hotel.” And that’s true if they’re talking about shower mold.
  • You thought it was a Red Roof Inn, but it turned out to be a NO Roof Inn.
  • The cleaning crew still hasn’t vacuumed up the chalk outline left by the previous guest.
  • You’re not sure that’s a chocolate on your pillow.
  • You spot a couple of cougars in the hotel bar. Not middle-aged women on the prowl, but REAL cougars!
  • The rules posted on the back of your door include, “Do not use the shower cap as an emergency prophylactic.”
  • Expedia’s rating for it was four bedbugs.
  • They gave a room to YOU, didn’t they?