Ways to Make Your Vacation More Memorable

Should you take a bunch of photos while you’re on vacation? Or should you try to just take it all in and ENJOY it instead? A recent study found there’s a sweet spot . . .

People were 40% better at remembering details from their summer vacation if they took at least some photos. But more than two hours a day on your phone makes your vacation 26% LESS memorable. Here are five more tips for a memorable vacation . . .

1. Don’t bring your laptop. People who spent more than one hour a day on their computer were 43% more likely to have trouble remembering details from their trip.

2. Go with friends AND family. People who vacationed with both remembered their trip 20% better than people who traveled with JUST family, friends, or on their own.

3. Go somewhere with mountains. For whatever reason, people who went to places with mountains remembered their trip better than any other type of destination.

4. Pump yourself up for it. People who said they were excited for their vacation were 73% more likely to remember details from it afterward.

5. Don’t spend too much. The cost of a vacation had nothing to do with how memorable it was. People who spent a few hundred dollars on a trip remembered the details of it just as well as people who splurged and spent $5,000. (Multivu)