Questions to Ask Yourself before Dating a Coworker

Am I Just Attracted to This Person, or Is It Truly an Emotional Connection?

There’s a way to tell the difference: When you have just a physical attraction, you think about that person (maybe a lot) when you’re together. However, if you think about the other person often when you are *not* together, you likely have developed an emotional connection.


Do I Know What He Or She Is Truly Like?

Because of the “rose-colored glasses” you may wear at work, it’s probably a good idea to take a step back and make sure you like this person for who they really are—gold stars and awesome sales number aside. The good news? Chances are you have seen that person in their natural, authentic state.


What Kind Of HR Policy Does My Company Have?

Many workplaces advise employees against engaging in romantic relationships with people they supervise. If you’re not sure, consult your employee handbook or ask an HR representative. You don’t want a potential encounter to get either one of you in a sticky situation with your company.


Will A Romantic Relationship Impact My Ability To Do My Job, Or Move Ahead At Work?

If entering a relationship might affect your or the other person’s ability to gain respect at work, you may need to re-think it. Some co-workers might view the personal relationship in a negative light, which could impact their professional opinion of you.