How Having a Pet Prepares You for Kids

 Your schedule is no longer your own

Oh, everybody is getting drinks after dinner at this super fun place you and your partner have totally wanted to try? Sounds nice. But your dog has now been alone, at home for five hours and needs to go to the bathroom. You don’t just get to spontaneously do whatever you want all of the time.

 You deeply care about something together

There is an incredible bond that comes from not just caring about each other, but caring about something else, together, and more than anyone else in the world does.

 You learn selflessness

There will be times you have to cancel an evening you were really looking forward to because your dog is having diarrhea, so you have to stay in and take him out every time he does the potty dance.

 You’ll make a budget for your pet

You’ll actually have to sit down and make a budget for your dog’s food, vet visits, health insurance, dog walkers and so on. This may be the first thing you share equal financial responsibility of.