Overheard at the Worldwide Santa Claus Convention

 The Santa Claus convention is going on in Denmark right now. Like any convention, the hotel bars are full of “Ho Ho Hos”, but we thought we’d pop in to see what else we could hear.

  • We can’t ALL be real!

  • I’m going clean shaven, just to stand out

  • Anybody else have a problem finding qualified elves?

  • Got any Oxy?

  • No wish lists, kid — do I look like I’m working?

  • Whaddya mean you don’t have any figgy pudding?

  • We need to start taking the health risks of obesity seriously

  • Hey, I’m no saint…no wait, I guess I am

  • Try it — it’s reindeer milk

  • Naughty, nice – really, it’s mostly shades of gray

  • In the off-season, I’m a John Goodman impersonator

  • Let’s go kick the Easter Bunny’s ass!