Things Parents Do to Prepare For a Vacation

It’s sad, but once you become a parent, the goal of vacations goes from “relax” to . . . “survive.” A new survey asked parents how they prepare for the crucial first day of a vacation. Here are the 10 steps they take . . .

1. Bringing games and books.

2. Having a first aid kit ready.

3. Packing emergency snacks.

4. Covering the kids in sunscreen and bug spray before they go anywhere.

5. Bringing their, quote, “familiar comforts” like a stuffed animal or blanket, so the new space feels like home.

6. Packing key items at the top of the suitcase.

7. Researching the fastest way to get to places like the beach.

8. Making sure to have chargers at the top of the suitcase.

9. Signing the kids up for activities before they get there.

10. Renting a stroller. (PR Newswire)