Drinking Soda with a Meal Makes You Store More Fat

Sugary drinks like soda are the largest source of sugar in the average American’s diet. And there are a lot of empty calories in there that can make you gain weight. Now here’s ANOTHER reason to skip that soda and drink water instead . . .

Researchers in North Dakota just did a study to find out how your body metabolizes food when you’re drinking soda, or anything that’s high in sugar. And they basically found it tricks your body into storing more FAT.

They did two tests. One where people had sugary drinks with meals that were high in protein. And one where they had the same meal, but their drink had no sugar in it.

It turned out that when people had that extra sugar, it slowed down the way your body metabolizes fat by 8%. So more calories ended up getting stored as fat.

Having a sugary drink also made people more likely to crave salty, unhealthy food four hours after they ate. Which won’t help your waistline either.

They still need to do more research to confirm the findings. And all the people in the study were at a healthy weight. So it’s not clear how that extra sugar affects your metabolism if you’re already overweight.

But if you needed another reason to drink less soda, there you go. (AJC)