College Majors You’re Most Likely to Regret

Does your dream job have anything to do with what you studied in school?  According to a new survey, 36% of college graduates say their dream job has little or NOTHING to do with what they majored in.

Here are the four majors where you’re LEAST likely to end up in your dream job . . .

1.  History and political science.  47% said their dream job has nothing to do with what they studied in school.

2.  Criminal justice, 44%.

3.  The other social sciences, 44%.

4.  Business and finance, 43%.

Those kind of make sense, because they’re are all pretty safe choices as far as following your dreams goes.   If you studied acting or writing, that’s still probably your dream job.  You’re just more likely to be working in the service industry.  Overall, only 16% of us would choose the same major if we could go back.  Still, people are still pretty optimistic about their prospects.  Check this out . . . 73% of people said they still think they’ll land their dream job someday.  Keep Dreaming.  (PR Newswire)