Tips For Having A Great Camping Trip

Camping season is here. And to make sure your trip is awesome, check out The Top Tips for Having a Great Camping Trip.

  • The woods can be dangerous at night. If you need wood for the fire, send your kids to get it.

  • If you see a bear, the best thing to do is slowly back away. The worst thing to do is shout, “I ain’t scared of you, bear!” and then douse yourself with honey.

  • Stop by Camping World and sign up for its “How to Play Dead for Coyotes” class.

  • It’s a fact that insects will leave you alone if you maintain a blood-alcohol level above 1.5.

  • Bring an inflatable MATTRESS . . . and not your inflatable sex doll.

  • Make sure the bottled water you bring isn’t from Flint, Michigan.

  • Bring someone fat to shove in front of you when a bear charges.

  • Pick a good camping site . . . like a nice hotel.