Potential Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Campaign Slogans

A group filed a draft with the Federal Election Commission so Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson can run for president in 2020. And they’re already working on slogans. Here are The Top Potential Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Campaign Slogans.

  • Keep Your Glock. Vote for The Rock.
  • We Need Fast and Furious. Not FAT and Furious.
  • Five Words: Shirtless State of the Unions!
  • It’s Time to Dwayne the Swamp.
  • Make America Fake Again!
  • Vote for The Rock, or He’ll Do “Baywatch 2”.
  • The Only Thing He Colludes with is Awesome!
  • His Kids are Still Too Young to Commit Treason.
  • If He Can Make “G.I. Joe” Great, Think What He Can Do for America.
  • ROCK the Vote. Get it? ‘Cuz His Name’s “The Rock.” And It’s a Play on an Actual Slogan?
  • Whatever Your Ethnicity Is, He Probably is Too!
  • Vote for The Rock, His Hands are HUGE!
  • Make America Smell His Cooking Again.
  • Dwayne Johnson: He’ll Create Jobs . . . Just Not for Washington, D.C. Criminal Defense Lawyers.
  • His Version of “Gun Control” is Wearing Sleeves.