Things Your Partner Should Never Say to You

1. “It’s all your fault.” Your partner should avoid pointing fingers and potentially escalating the situation and should explain how they feel rather than using accusatory statements.

 2. “He/she always did X for me.” Comparing your SO to someone else will not only anger you, but it could also imply that they’re not completely over their previous relationship.

 3. “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”  As a loving partner, they should be accepting of all your ideas and goals.

 4. “Ugh, I just want to slap you right now!” In the peak of an argument, your partner should resist the urge to blurt out damaging things like this.

 5. “You can’t do anything right.” Telling you that you’re incompetent – even if they don’t mean it – is extremely hurtful. This could affect a person’s overall confidence and self-worth.

 6. “I told you so.” Not only is it totally annoying, but it can also hurt your ego in a way that goes beyond their playful intentions.

 7. “If you love me, you would . . .” Putting that kind of pressure on you is manipulative because they know you’re more likely to fulfill their request when they put your love in question.

 8. “Don’t wear that.” Instead, they should suggest their favorite pieces of yours rather than making you feel self-conscious and bad about your style choices.

 9. “You complete me.” Be wary of this phrase, because it can come with many expectations.