Over-Qualified Employees Suffer Higher Stress Levels

Being over-qualified for your job can be quite boring, and a new study reveals it’s also stressful. Florida Atlantic University researchers analyzed 25 years of research and say workers who are over-qualified for their jobs become angry and frustrated which can cause grief for both employees and employers. Lead study author, Professor Michael Harari explains that over-qualified workers feel deprived when they expect a job will require their skill set, and then it doesn’t. He adds, “We invest effort at work and we expect rewards in return, such as esteem and career opportunities. For an overqualified employee, that expectation has been violated. This is a stressful experience for employees, which leads to poor psychological well-being, such as negative emotions and psychological strain.” Over-qualified workers were also found to be more likely to engage in deviant behaviors, such as coming in late or leaving early, theft, and bullying fellow workers. (Daily Mail