Can Using a Mouse with Your Laptop Triple Your Productivity?

A writer for “Business Insider” posted an article this week about how she’s not nearly as productive working from home on her laptop as she is on her computer at work.

And she finally realized it was because she wasn’t using a MOUSE. So she bought one on Amazon for $6. And now she feels like an idiot for not doing it sooner . . . because it’s TRIPLED her productivity.

Depending on your job, it might not make that huge of a difference. But she constantly has to scroll through websites. And it’s also helpful with programs like Excel.

She says she’s sometimes even more productive at home now than she is at the office. (Hang on. Did she write this article JUST to convince her boss to let her work from home more often?)

So if you work from home or travel a lot, think about investing five or ten bucks in a mouse, and see if it makes a difference. She says it’s been a game changer. (Business Insider)