Women Are More Likely To Blame The ‘OTHER Woman’ Than Cheating Husband

Cheating can kill trust in any relationship, and this can lead to some pretty intense emotions. Cardiff Metropolitan University researchers had 21 men and 23 women look at eight messages on Facebook which detailed different cheating situations. They were then asked to rate their responses to the message on a distress scale of one to 10. It turns out who the reader blamed for the infidelity depended on whether they were more upset by the messages their partner received, or those their significant other received. Also, female participants tended to blame the “other woman” more often, while male participants were more likely to lay responsibility on their cheating wives. One other finding: women are more distressed by emotional cheating, while men are more upset when it comes to physical infidelity. It’s thought these feelings originated all the way back in our caveman days. (Independent.co.uk