Wedding Touches Your Guests Will Love-and Hate-You For

Love: Complimentary shuttle service

Between rehearsals, rehearsal dinners, and the actual wedding day itself, people need to move between their hotel and other locations a lot. They could end up spending another $100 each just on taxis and Ubers. Your guests will love you for setting up a complimentary shuttle that will take them from their hotel to the planned events.


Hate: a no-shot rule

If you’re going to have an open bar at your wedding, don’t mandate that the bartender cannot pour the guests shots. Your wedding day is a celebration! People like to take shots during celebrations! And when your guests are told certain items are off-limits at the bar, it can feel like you are enforcing rules like a parent on them.


Love: Dancing flip-flops

You want your guests to all to wear gorgeous, formal footwear, but you also want them to dance, right? So meet them halfway and have a basket of complimentary flip-flops by the dance floor.


Hate: a lengthy ceremony

Look. We understand. Everybody wants to do a reading at your ceremony. And you’ve selected a minister who means a lot to you, so you want to give him a chance to stretch his legs with what he has written. But to put it simply, people stop enjoying themselves after about 45 minutes. We are doing you a favor by telling you!


Love: Advil and Gatorade in the room

If you are going to send welcome bags to your guests’ hotel rooms, these items will be much-appreciated: Gatorade, Advil, Pepto-Bismol, and condoms. Hey-you never know who in your wedding party will hit it off.