Signs You’re Too Old to Play Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. may be hanging up his super suit and giving up playing Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe sometime soon. The 52-year-old star recently addressed his future within the ever-growing world of Marvel heroes being brought to the big, and small, screen. Downey Jr. took on the role of Tony Stark in 2008, and his Iron Man installments have been a smash, but he said in a recent interview he is worried that remaining in the role for too long could tarnish Stark’s legacy.

 Signs You’re Too Old to Play Iron Man

  • You have iron deficient blood

  • You respond to cries for help by shouting, “What!? Speak up!”

  • You have more in common with Tony Bennett than Tony Stark

  • That whole plot line about heart problems is now disturbingly accurate

  • Your biggest superpower is yelling at neighborhood kids

  • There’s talk of making you an “Avenger Emeritus”

  • Under all that armor, you’re wearing Depends

  • You just realized you’re older than Thor

  • You’re the only superhero who uses the phrase, “Dagnabbit!”

  • Your love interest in the next movie? Betty White