Reasons Summer Flings Are Totally Overrated

Expectation: Making out so hard on the beach sounds bomb.

Reality: Except sexual activity and sand are the worst combination of all time. Let’s get real: Outdoor summer lovin’ is best kept by the pool. Or in the air conditioning with Orange Is The New Black on.

Expectation: Strolling through the streets licking an ice cream cone hand in hand.

Reality: Notions of frolicking and enjoying a sweet treat (a la Noah and Ali from The Notebook) are dashed when you realize you’re both lactose intolerant and still in that new love phase of trying to pretend like digestive issues don’t exist.

Expectation: Rolling through a grassy meadow, making flower crowns, and feeding each other grapes.

Reality: You spend more time swatting a bajillion insects than enjoying this outdoor foreplay. Pack some bug spray in that picnic basket. Pretty sure bite marks aren’t in your vision, at least not the kind you get from bloodthirsty mosquitos in the middle of July.

Expectation: Your summer fling’s main purpose is to be your wedding date for the next few months.

Reality: Jokes on you. You weren’t even given a plus one, which are reserved for serious couples only. Looks like you’re still flying solo. What was the point of this summer hookup again?

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