Why It’s Hard On Your Friends When You Get Back with An Ex

You’ve told them the worst

When the relationship ended the first time, you finally felt free to confess to your friends about all of the terrible things your partner did. You told them the worst things he ever said. Now they’re just supposed to forget that?

 They’ve seen you in terrible shape over him

Your friends heard you say that you didn’t have the will to live after that breakup. Your friends were genuinely concerned for your safety and health after that breakup.

 They have to keep your rebounds a secret

You had a few rebound hookups after the breakup. Now your friends have to sit at brunch with you and your once-ex-now-boyfriend-again and pretend those didn’t happen. They have to erase entire weekend’s worth of stories because, oh right, you were shacking up with someone else then. Nice of you to put your friends in this awkward position.

 He messed around too

You forced your friends to look at the ex’s Facebook account. You didn’t have the heart to, so you made your friends social media stalk him. And they saw him groping women at the club. They saw him posting selfies with other women. Now they’re supposed to pretend they didn’t see any of that.