Expert-Tested Ways to Prevent a Hangover

Before You Drink:

1. Double up on multivitamins.

2. Order a burger instead of a salad.

3. Rest up.


While You Drink:

4. Skip Champagne. Science says the bubbles in sparkling wine may accelerate the absorption of alcohol so you get drunker faster. The problem is that this produces especially bad hangovers.

5. Make your roadie a Gatorade. Drink coconut water or sports drinks between cocktails—better than water.

6. Skip the smokes. Researchers found that when students drank heavily, smoking significantly increased the severity of a hangover.

7. Stick with clear liquor. Vodka and gin have fewer toxins and impurities than dark ones like whiskey and rum.

8. Splurge on a drink. Top-shelf stuff is filtered the most to remove impurities, which can make your hangover less severe.


Before You Go to Sleep:

9. Don’t overdo it on the water. Drink a glass of water, a second one, and leave a full glass on your bed stand.

10. Pop an ibuprofen. Anti-inflammatory drugs directly attacks the inflammation that alcohol causes.


The Morning After Drinking:

12. Forget the whole “hair of the dog that bit you” thing.

13. Order the eggs.

14. Drink Sprite or seltzer. It will help speed up the body’s alcohol metabolism, which decreases the amount of time your body is exposed to the harmful chemicals produced when your body digests alcohol.