Perfectly Legitimate Reasons Not to Have a Bridal Party

1. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. We chose not to have wedding attendants because we have too many close friends and family to choose from. ― Melissa S.

 2. You know how expensive being a bridesmaid or groomsman can be. I was a bridesmaid three times and every time I went through the wedding planning process, I resented it. It’s such a huge expense of time and money. ― Ana L.

 3. You’re having a small wedding to begin with. We had a small wedding so no bridal party ― if we did, there would be hardly anyone sitting in the congregation! ― Quiana C.

 4. You want all your guests to enjoy themselves, no strings attached. “We wanted our guests to enjoy the day without feeling like they were working or had a job to do. ― Mary B.

 5. It gives you more time to just focus on each other. I feel like we actually got to put 100 percent of our attention on each other ― just like it should be! My sister was upset she wasn’t included in the ceremony so she was our witness instead. ― Megan C.

 6. It’s your second marriage. Second marriage for both of us ― the mayor, family and close friends only. We want it to be about us and not everybody and everything else. ― Jeanne F.

 7. No bridal party = less planning. I really didn’t like the idea of having to micromanage them. I also wanted a no-fuss wedding because I hate planning things! Absolutely NO regrets, and my friends thanked me! ― Gina I.