How Well Does Your Husband Know You?

Frustrated Women Rant about the Things Their Partners ALWAYS Forget – from Their Birthdays to Their Favorite Meal


After years of marriage, you might expect your husband to know you inside out. But these hilarious posts show how some struggle to remember even the most basic facts about their beloved wives.


Frustrated women share the simple things their husbands should know but always manage to forget – from the date of their birthday to their favorite meal. 


One annoyed wife revealed how her husband could not even remember what she drinks, writing: ‘”Do you want a coffee?” “No I don’t drink coffee & never have had one in the 13 years we’ve been together!”‘


Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of the issues involved household chores. 


One woman ranted: ‘We have lived in this house for nearly 20 years. Our garbage day has always, always, been the same day of the week yet if I say to him, “Could you please put the garbage cans at the front?” I get a confused face and am asked “Oh, is it garbage day tomorrow?” “No, I just want you to drag the cans around our driveway, you dope.”


Birthdays also caused problems for many couples, with a handful of wives saying their husbands’ did not know their birthdays, or their children’s.