Signs You Hired The Wrong Wedding Planner

When you hire a wedding planner, you trust that they’ll help make your big day very special. But that might not happen. Here are The Top Signs You Hired the Wrong Wedding Planner.

  • When it’s time for the limo to take you away, he goes, “Oh, DUH!” and quickly calls an Uber.
  • She says she can get you a cheaper cake as long as you’re cool that it says, “Happy Birthday, Larry.”
  • Instead of money, he simply wants to watch you and your bride on your wedding night.
  • He insists on a Muslim wedding guest ban.
  • The “luminaries” he’s placed outside the reception look suspiciously like burning crosses.

  • He suggests a destination wedding . . . in Aleppo.
  • You learn that she was also the stripper at your fianc├ęs bachelor party.
  • She booked a Right Said Fred cover band.
  • She wants to utilize a chocolate fountain . . . but also a beer can pyramid.
  • Her business card reads, “Wedding Planner / Divorce Attorney.”