Study: Don’t Lose Sleep Over Sharing Bed With Pets, Kids

 Sharing your bed with a pet or a kid has benefits, finds a new study. Researchers from Central Queensland University in Australia explain that sleeping arrangements between humans have evolved over time and across cultures. In medieval Europe, for instance, sleep was a public and communal affair, and it took time for it to shift to a private affair. Researchers say current apprehension about human-animal co-sleeping and bed sharing between parents and their children focuses too much on possible negative aspects or consequences, such as poor health, impaired functioning, the development of problematic behavior. Lead study author Bradley Smith adds, “[…] Co-sleeping fulfills basic psychological needs and reinforces and maintains social relations. Throughout history, humans have shared their sleeping spaces with other humans and other animals. We propose that human-animal and adult-child co-sleeping should be approached as legitimate and socially relevant forms of co-sleeping.” (EurekAlert!