Taking A Vacation With Your Dog Might Cost More Than You Realize

Taking your dog on vacation with you might sound really nice, but it could also cost more than you think. To fly with your dog in the cabin, airlines usually charge around $125 one-way. You’ll also need to buy an airline-compliant pet carrier if you don’t have one, and you may need to pay to check your suitcase because your pet counts as a carry-on. It’s even pricier to fly a larger dog in the cargo hold: Fees can range from a few hundred dollars up to a thousand. And if you think taking a road trip will be cheaper, that’s not necessarily the case. Kim Salerno, founder and president of the pet travel website TripsWithPets.com says if you don’t own a harness seat belt, doggie car seat, or pet barrier, add that to the list of vacation costs. Amy Burkert, who runs pet travel website GoPetFriendly.com, says hotels also charge you to let your pet stay. She considers $20 per night to be reasonable, though some hotels charge $100 or more. And these costs are just the beginning. (Yahoo