Subtle Hints His Parents Give That Say Your Relationship WON’T Work Out

 1. Mom still desperately clings to him. He may not be a mama’s boy, but that doesn’t mean that she’s stopped clinging to him. One of the biggest relationship ruiners is an overly attached mom who competes with you for her son’s attention.

 2. They make you uncomfortable every time you see each other. It’s natural to feel awkward the first few times you visit with his parents. But if this feeling persists for several months, it may not ever dissipate. You want a family that will welcome you.

 3. They judge your personal lifestyle. The first meeting is always the hardest. But a huge red flag you need to be on the lookout for is what his parents think about your lifestyle. Are they judgmental of your career choice? Of your tattoos or piercings?

 4. They constantly compare you to his previous girlfriend(s). If his parents keep referring to his past dates in a way that implies they miss having them around, it’s code for “We hate you.”

 5. They still dote on him even though he’s 30. If he’s constantly receiving help from his parents, that says a lot about both his parents and himself. He still depends on them, even if he makes his own living, and they still baby him, which means everyone is emotionally immature. Exit stage right!

 6. They meddle. Ideally, in a guy’s relationship with his parents, there is family time and then there is couple’s time and those two parts of your life have nice, solid boundaries. But in some cases, his parents will feel like once you’ve met, they can text you and call you all they want to talk about their son and how he’s doing.