Rejection and Breakup Lines That Are Lies

I’m swearing off dating

This one may claim they’ve just been hurt too many times or disappointed by too many partners, and even though you two have been out several times now they’ve decided to swear off dating. Often, this one just knows deep down you’re not the right match.

 I’m still too heartbroken

This one may actually still be heartbroken over their ex, but the truth is that plenty of people meet the one while they’re still getting over an ex, even if they aren’t ready. You see it every day; somebody is heartbroken one day, and moving in with their new fiancé four months later. No amount of heartbreak makes somebody blind to it when their perfect person walks into their life.

 I’m focusing on my career

Plenty of people go through this self-important phase where they believe that A) Their career is God’s gift to mankind and B) It’s their obligation to mankind to thrive and C) A relationship will only get in the way of that. But the truth is, when someone falls hard, they’ll do whatever they have to do to see that person and pursue his career at the same time.

 I can’t afford to date right now

First off, if someone is head over heels for a person, they’ll take out a payday loan to take them to dinner. Second off, if they really cannot afford to date right now, they wouldn’t just let the person of their dreams walk away! They’d come up with months of creative, cheap dates.