Realities of Dating Someone Far Fitter Than You

Your friends think they can comment

Your friends think it’s perfectly fine to say things like, “Your boyfriend is so hot. Do you ever wake up and think how did I land this? You should get him into modeling. I’d like to wash my shirt on his abs!” Because your partner is obviously attractive, your friends lose all sense of decorum.

 You’re told to make babies. Immediately.

When people see your partner, they whisper to you, “Make babies with that man immediately.”  Uh. Hello! You would be a part of that equation too and you would bring some pretty amazing qualities to that baby. But nobody urged you to have children until you found this man.

 People ask if he has a brother

People often ask if he has a brother or a cousin they can date, or if his friends are as hot as he is, and if so, if you can introduce them. Some people even tell you to let them know when you’re done with him. Grr!

 People ask what your secret was

People often ask you what your secret is. They pull you aside, and whisper in conspiratorial tones as if you’re going to admit that you’re really good at some rare sex act or convinced this guy you’re related to royalty.