How to Get Through Any Relationship Setback

Here’s How to Get Through Any Relationship Setback

 1. Write it down. Instead of replaying in your mind how your partner upset you, put your emotions on paper. This will help you process what you’re feeling.

 2. Treat yourself. Do things that make you happy. Nurture yourself. Leave the office a little early to catch a show you’ve been wanting to see or take the long way home through a favorite neighborhood. Any activity that triggers a smile.

 3. Call on your squad. Your friends can get you through every romantic low you experience. They can also honestly judge whether your mate’s no-show is so minor that you should move on quickly or if it’s worth working through in a deeper way.

 4. Go home. Romantic letdowns have the power to make you feel physically ill – even if they aren’t catastrophic. If that’s the case, pay your parents or grandparents (or those who have been parental figures in your life) a visit for a weekend and let them take care of you the way they would when you were home sick as a kid.

 5. Remember your strength. Remind yourself that you’ve coped successfully through plenty of other hurdles before, and if this is the right person for you, it’s possible to recapture those loving feelings.

 6. Focus on the upside. Perhaps your lover’s decision to go on that trip without asking you has actually freed you up to go on your own overdue adventure. Or by bailing on attending your high school reunion, he or she allowed you to spend more of your time catching up with old friends. Look for the hidden opportunity and it’ll be easier for you to move on.