Terms Men Need To Stop Using


To truly nag, someone has to continually find fault with someone, or pester them repetitively about something. But men will be very quick to use the word nag. By men calling women nags, they are perpetuating the idea that we are overly critical and that they don’t listen to us, so we must repeat ourselves.


Have you ever heard a man be called prude? I highly doubt it. And that could be because, if we’re being honest, it’s easier for women to get sex than men. For that very reason, it’s more likely that a woman will turn down sex than a man will. But to call her prude for that is to imply that she is somehow wrong in turning down sex.

 A tease

The trouble with this term is that it implies a woman is consciously, purposefully making a man attracted to her. The reality is that most women who men call teases are not interested in those men, and have no idea they are enticing those men in any way.

 Ball and chain

Balls and chains are used to imprison people and hold them back. Ironically, some men often talk about their “ball and chain” wife when referring to the fact that she is just wondering when he’ll be home because she prepared dinner. Huh. She made you food-the thing that keeps you alive.


When a man calls the woman in his life his “wifey,” it’s usually after she’s done something like make dinner, pick up his dry cleaning or some other domestic task. In other words, some men tend to only associate the concept of the “wife” with some sort of domestic servant. http://bit.ly/2rDLYuy