The Biggest Relationship Killers, According to Divorce Attorneys

1. My spouse rarely helps out with the kids.

It takes time and energy to manage a family’s extracurricular activities, doctor’s appointments and social activities. Whenever someone feels their spouse is not pulling their weight, resentment will build.–Puja A. Sachdev, an attorney in San Diego, CA.

 2. We never talk about our problems.

It’s nothing that either spouse says ― it’s what they don’t say. Problems crop up and no one wants to rock the boat. So no one deals with the problem. No one talks about it.― Karen Covy, an attorney in Chicago, Illinois

 3. Our sex life fizzled out, and so did any intimacy.

What it boils down to is life has gotten in the way and there is no longer a connection between spouses. Even more than sex, it has to do with a lack of communication and lack of intimacy. ― Lisa Helfend Meyer, an attorney in Los Angeles, California

 4. My spouse reconnected with an old flame on Facebook.

Social media “addiction” is merely a symptom of an age-old problem ― cheating. Their spouse clicked the “like” button on someone’s Facebook post and it escalated into sexual chats, texting and ultimately, face-to-face meetings. ― Douglas Kepanis, an attorney in New York City 

 5. My spouse is selfish.

Selfishness manifests itself in different ways: stingy with money, unwilling to listen and be emotionally present, not sharing responsibility for chores and the kids. The exact form of selfishness varies from case to case, but the theme is always there in divorce cases. ― Alison Patton, a San Diego-based divorce attorney and mediator