Signs Your Summer Will Suck

Donald Trump gave Reince Priebus until July 4th to clean up the White House or he’s fired. So, we know that he’s in for an awful summer. Are you, too? Definitely, if you recognize anything on today’s list of . . . The Top Signs Your Summer Will Suck.

  • Duh. The kids are home.
  • You hate movies with superheroes, aliens, robots, alien-robots, or emojis.
  • You just moved into the White House with a husband you detest.
  • You’re Bill Cosby. And the jury’s still deliberating.
  • Your wife and kids insist on joining your summer vacation.
  • You’re the studio executive that green-lit “The Mummy”.
  • The Monopoly game your family started over Christmas is showing no signs of ending.
  • You’re the batting coach for the Phillies.
  • You had to give up your pool to pay for health insurance.
  • As a staunch loyalist to the British crown, the Fourth of July just feels like a swift kick in the bollocks.
  • Sunshine makes you look too much like Steve Bannon.