How to Go to Sleep

If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping, it’s probably because you’re doing it all wrong. This should set you straight.

 Lunch Time

·        Last call for coffee! Caffeine is the enemy of sleep.

 2 Hours before Bedtime

·        Hang out in a chill place besides your bedroom. (The only two things people should do in bed is have sex and sleep.)

·        Turn down the TV and music volume.

·        Switch from overhead lights to lamplight.

·        Reduce the brightness on your iPhone, iPad, TV, or computer screen.

·        Take your last bites of any spicy or sugary foods.

 1 Hour before Bedtime

·        Power down your devices.

·        Stop answering work emails.

·        Lower the thermostat.

·        Put down the wine glass.

·        Taper off liquids.

·        Read, listen to music, or talk.

 30 Minutes before Bedtime

·        Have sex (People sleep better after sex.)

·        Bathe.

 When You Actually Feel Sleepy

·        Turn on a fan in your bedroom.

·        Get into bed.

·        Remove your heaviest blanket.

·        End all the deep and weighty conversations.

·        Lie in your favorite position.