Things Happy Couples Do Every Week

Kiss and touch for the sake of it

There’s something inherently gratifying about giving and receiving affection. It may or may not lead to sex, and either is fine. Just don’t plan it. Many couples are too busy to touch or feel that if they do it will lead them to sex. And if they don’t have time to get physical, they don’t touch.


Make Coming and Going an Event

When you leave in the morning, don’t just yell “Goodbye!” and bolt out the door. Stop what you are doing when your partner leaves or returns and look at them, greet them, and give each other an embrace. This promotes and strengthens feelings of affection and connection.


Turn Off Electronics

Spend at least an hour a week hanging out with your S.O. sans the buzz of notifications and alerts from your devices by putting them on airplane mode. You need to be present, available and accessible to your partner. Without any distractions, you’ll be able to sit, talk, and enjoy each other.


Go Down Memory Lane

Whether the scent of pasta from your first date wafts through the air or you get a whiff of your partner’s cologne, use your senses to revisit happy moments. Scent is strongly linked to memory, and a highly erotic hack for channeling nostalgia. One study found that nostalgia makes you more hopeful for the future.