Ways Men Trick You into Dates

Going from a group to a solo hang

He claims it will be a group from work or a bunch of people you’ll love to meet. When you arrive at the bar, everyone seems to have gotten busy, had to cancel, or disappeared. How convenient. Suddenly, you’re on a date when you never signed up for a one-on-one interaction.

 Posing as a career ally

He wants to come over late at night so you two can brainstorm ways to be put on the new, desirable project at work. Before you know it, he comes over not with a laptop and files, but with a bottle of wine and takeout because you both could “Use a break.”

 Pretending it’s about the hobby

Some men will pretend they just really need someone else to train for marathons with, or go to silent movies with, or do whatever common interest you’ve mentioned with. Of course, once they get you there, they start making flirtatious comments and putting their hand on your lower back.

 Seeking your dating advice

Perhaps one of the slimiest tricks of all is pretending to want dating advice to get a date. You’ve probably ended up out to drinks with a guy who asked you there because he said he could really use your advice on how to get another woman, and before you knew it, he was putting his hand on your knee.