Most Divorces Happen In These Two Months

Divorce is a scary word for many people, and now research from the University of Washington finds more divorces happen in March and August than in any other months. Researchers analyzed divorce filings in Washington State between 2001 and 2015, and found the pattern remained strong even when accounting for things like unemployment and the housing market. They speculate that couples avoid filing for divorce around Christmas and New Year’s, as well as when school is out for the summer, because these times are considered sacred to families. Study co-author Julie Brines writes couples can sometimes find the winter holidays stressful and emotionally charged—the last straw for a failing marriage. Since couples need a few months to secure lawyers, get finances in order, and work up the courage to file for divorce, the spike of divorces in March makes sense. The timing of school starting up after summer break could account for the spike in divorces in August, at least for couples with children. (Time