Wonder Woman Tweets

The “Wonder Woman” movie is an enormous hit. See how the superhero is adjusting to her success with The Top Wonder Woman Tweets.

  • These bracelets can stop bullets, but if anyone says my thighs are too big, that goes straight to the heart.
  • My shield doubles as a nacho platter. #FunFact
  • Remember, little girls: you can be whatever you want. Except president.
  • I don’t wear a Wonderbra or eat Wonder Bread. #Irony
  • Has anyone seen my invisible jet? #TRICKQUESTION
  • If they put me in this getup, why doesn’t Superman have to wear a Speedo?
  • Gotta run. Going shoe shopping with Aquaman.
  • @batgirl $100 million opening weekend. How ya like ’em apples?
  • I just went to an all-female screening of “Baywatch”. I was the only person in the theater. #SickBurn
  • This Halloween I’m gonna be the number one costume for both little girls and gay guys!
  • How do I work Twitter? I’m over 5,000 years old, so this all seems crazy!
  • These Justice League meetings are really just an hour of annoying mansplaining.
  • I’m the REAL Amazon Prime, baby!
  • Screw the Justice League. Haven’t I proved I can do this on my own?!?
  • I wanna know who keeps leaving the toilet seat up . . . and don’t make me use my magic lasso.