Become a Morning Person by Doing These Things

1. Set only one alarm. Set just one alarm and then commit to actually getting up when it goes off. If you know there aren’t 17 backup alarms to wake you up, you’re less likely to press snooze or wait to get out of bed at the last possible second.

 2. And set the alarm 15 minutes earlier than you think you need to. The fastest way to ruin a morning and possibly the rest of the day is to be rushed getting out the door. A slow morning is one of those rare, attainable luxuries. Those extra 15 minutes of sleep aren’t going to make a difference in the rest of your day, anyway.

 3. Eat your breakfast sitting down. This is another reason for waking up a bit earlier than you think you need to. Sitting down to eat breakfast is a great way to start the day slowly and turn breakfast into a relaxing ritual, instead of “something you have to do because you’re hungry.”

 4. Set clothes out the night before. It’s early and you have enough tough decisions ahead of you for the day. Eliminate one right off the bat by taking care of it the night before.

 5. Make your dang bed. Even if the rest of the day is unproductive and terrible, you can say you accomplished at least one (1) thing in your day. That counts for something.

 6. Actually get up to exercise. Even if it’s just a few laps around your block, or a yawn-y stroll down to the coffee shop, it’s another accomplishment before you really get going.

 7. Go. To. Bed. On. Time. So you accomplished everything you needed to get done and it’s only 11 p.m.! Instead of staying up to catch up on the last three weeks of the Bachelorette, just go to bed. Without the computer propped up on the pillow next to you.