You Have to Take Vacation Time This Year


Most full-time working Americans get two weeks to take off and hit the beach—or the couch. Yet new research shows more than half of us are leaving vacation time on the table each year, resulting in a whopping 662 million unused days in 2016 alone. And even worse, women are taking fewer days off than men, with only 44 percent of millennial women using all of their vacation days each year.

 Here’s the thing: “Taking time off to relax and recharge is good for us,” says Sharlyn Lauby, founder of HR Bartender and author of Essential Meeting Blueprints for Managers. Here’s the (less obvious) other thing: “Organizations should want their employees to take time off,” Lauby says. “It makes them more productive, and it reduces stress and burnout, which are symptoms of turnover.”

 In other words, we need to take the time off we’re given. So why aren’t we?