Reasons You Should Adopt A Shelter Cat

June is National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. Find out why you might consider getting a feline friend with The Top Reasons You Should Adopt a Shelter Cat.

  • Your home currently has an infestation of red laser dots and you need someone to catch them.
  • Because not too many people are swiping right on your Tinder profile, are they?
  • It’s got way more street smarts than a pet store cat.
  • Think of all the Facebook likes you’ll get by naming it Covfefe.
  • The smug satisfaction you get from telling everyone you meet about how you “rescued” an animal.
  • You need something to stroke as you’re seated in a volcano lair announcing your plan for world domination.
  • They’re hilarious. Except on Monday’s. They HATE Mondays.
  • Nothing says “feng shui” like a doorstep tastefully “decorated” with a bloody, headless squirrel.
  • The cat’s nine lives more than make up for you not having one.
  • Because you and your spouse are unable to conceive a cat on your own.
  • You’ll have a good cover story for the tracks on your arms.
  • When it does something cute, you can put it on YouTube and make a hundred billion dollars.