Great Reasons to Date an Extrovert

1. They are great communicators. Yes, that means they will talk readily, but a balanced extrovert with healthy self-esteem knows that listening is also part of communicating. Extroverts are adept at drawing you from your shell and encouraging you to stick a toe out of your emotional comfort zone. When extroverts say, “Tell me more,” they mean it!

 2. They love physical connection. Part of the extrovert’s social nature often includes a natural comfort level with hugging and touching. They are also generous at sharing. When your car breaks down, ask an extrovert to borrow his.

 3. They are entertaining and easy to be around. The generosity of spirit, warmth, and energy-levels of an extrovert are contagious and make them the life of the party. An extrovert can have a mellow personality, but still exude that dynamic spirit that draws you in.

 4. They make things happen. Extroverts, especially the agentic kind, turn ideas into reality. Your lifelong dream of travelling to China may come true because your extrovert partner just decided to figure out how to make it happen. Starting that business you’ve been talking about suddenly seems totally viable when you talk it out with an extrovert!

 5. They are, in fact, open books. What you see is what you get. You never have to wonder what extroverts are up to or what their intentions are. Just look. It will be obvious. Or ask. They’ll tell you.

 6. They include you in everything. No one is ever left behind for outings or gatherings. You will never be lonely in this relationship!