Unconventional Ideas for Getting Over a Breakup

Cleanse your closet. Go through your wardrobe and get rid of all those pieces that just don’t work anymore. If you haven’t worn it in three months, sell it or donate it.

 Create an elaborate alter-ego fantasy. Alter egos are a chance to explore, create, discover, and experiment. For one whole day, dress and act the part of a totally new persona of your choice.

 Start interior designing. Your bedroom is the first and last thing you see each day and the perfect place to start a home makeover. Shake up your style and splurge on bold pieces you’ve always wanted to try.

 Write a song and let the creativity flow. Breakups are an unparalleled source of creative inspiration. Every artist has belted out at least one song of unrequited, doomed, broken, dormant, and disrespected love.

 Unleash any pent-up angst in the batting cages. Nothing quite beats the feeling of whacking an inanimate object, especially after a breakup. Head to a batting cage and smack out as many balls as you can. You’ll release anger, endorphins, and get a nice reminder of how powerful you really are.

 Make a mixtape for your friends. Time to get old school: Pick three of your closest friends and think about some of the most epic adventures you’ve ever been on with them. Use that inspiration to make a soundtrack to accompany it.

 Use your free time to help others. It’s tried-and-true for a reason: Doing nice things for others makes you feel great yourself. http://bit.ly/2qG7cYb