Swiss Village Wants To Ban Photos, Says It’s Too Beautiful For Social Media

If you’re hoping to see photos of the commune of Bergün/Bravuogn in Switzerland, you’ll just have to visit. That’s because the village has voted to ban tourists from taking photos. The commune voted to bring in the new law in its municipal assembly on Monday (May 29th.) But why? Well, the residents believe it is just far too beautiful and posting photos of it on social media may cause others to feel depressed they are not there.The village tourist office said in a statement, “It is scientifically proven that beautiful holiday photos on social media make the viewer unhappy because they cannot be there themselves.” The tourist office has already taken down photos of the village from its own Facebook and Twitter accounts and intends to remove them from its official website. The picturesque alpine village has lush, green mountains, rivers and glaciers. The ban would see offending tourists face a fine of 5 Swiss Francs (about $7), with the tourist office claiming all proceeds going to help protect the landscape. If you think it sounds like a marketing ploy, it likely is. While the law is technically real, it’s unlikely it will be enforced. (Fox)