Falling In Love Is Like Being ‘HIGH’ On Drugs

To be truly high on life you’ll want to fall in love. A study has found meeting a special someone gives us the same buzz as cocaine and other illegal substances. Emory University researchers analyzed the brains of animals called prairie voles, which are monogamous mammals. They discovered the animals’ brain cells fired up quickly when they began to bond, which was expressed through mating and huddling. This goes along with previous research, which found when you fall in love, more of the “feel good” hormone dopamine is released into the body, which is also released after recreational drug use. Study author, Dr. Elizabeth Amadei says the new finding is important, as it shows how the brain’s reward system works, which is likely similar in humans. The findings are also important as they may lead to treatments that can help with social bonding for those who struggle to connect with others, such as those with autism. (Daily Mail