Dumb Reasons People Don’t Wear Seat Belts

Here are six DUMB excuses people use for not wearing their seat belt, and why they don’t actually make sense . . .

Myth #1: “It’s not a big deal if you’re not driving that fast.” The truth is you can still get seriously injured or killed at 20 or 30 miles an hour. If you jumped off a three-story building, that’s about how fast you’d be going when you hit the ground.

Myth #2: “If your car catches fire or you drive into a lake, your seat belt could trap you.” That one’s dumb because less than 1% of crashes actually involve fire or water. Plus you’re much more likely to get KNOCKED OUT if you’re not wearing a seat belt.

Myth #3: “It’s safer to be thrown from the vehicle during a crash.” You’re actually four times more likely to DIE if you’re thrown from your car.

Myth #4: “Seat belts can cause serious injures if you’re in a crash.” Even in high-speed wrecks, they mostly just cause bruises.

Myth #5: “You don’t need a seat belt if you have airbags.” That doesn’t work because you’ll just slide UNDER the airbag. And airbags don’t help if you get T-boned.

Myth #6: “You don’t need a seat belt if you’re in a really big truck or SUV.” Heavier cars ARE safer. But in 2015, 60% of people who died in truck crashes weren’t wearing a seat belt when it happened. So it’s still a lot safer to wear one. (NHTSA)