Dum Dums’ Lollipop “Mystery Flavors”

Some of life’s mysteries can’t be explained, but the mystery behind Dum Dums’ mystery flavor ― and why it’s so hard to pinpoint ― has finally been solved. Dum Dums’ mystery flavor, which is indicated with a purple wrapper covered in question marks, is not a surprise fruit flavor, but really just a genius idea born out of a candy company’s need to save time and maximize profits.

 Rather than stop the lollipop machines to clean out a flavor while transitioning from one to the next, Akron Candy Company just continues running the machines to create a new combo flavor. That means some lollipops have a mixture of two different flavors ― and those are the lollipops that are labeled as “mystery.” So my guesses were way off…


  • Strawberry-Veal

  • Sausage Party

  • Gun Barrel

  • Bitter Tears

  • Dog Breath

  • Sushi-in-the-Sun

  • Jellied Eel

  • Sidewalk Bubble Gum

  • Eye of Newt