Ways to Figure Out if You’re Underpaid

It’s a lot easier to ask for a raise when you know what you’re really WORTH.  Here are four ways to figure out if you’re underpaid . . .

1.  Compare your salary to other people with the same job.  You probably won’t want to ask your co-workers unless you’re close friends.  But Glassdoor.com has a “Know Your Worth” calculator that factors in your age, experience, and where you live.

2.  Look at job search websites.  Look at openings for jobs like yours and see how much other companies are paying.  You might only be able to get a ballpark number, but it could help.

3.  Talk to a recruiter.  If they place people in the industry you work in, they should know a lot about salaries and perks.  And they might also have a job you’re perfect for that pays more.

4.  Think back to your last raise.  If you haven’t gotten one in over two years, there’s a good chance you’re underpaid at this point.  Especially if you’re young, or you’re still in an entry-level job.  (Refinery29)