Don’t Leave All the Wedding Planning to Her – Here’s What The Groom Should Be Doing

1. Focus On Communication. This doesn’t mean that you should just nod along and agree with everything your partner wants to do, just to avoid any argument or a disagreement. In fact, your bride is interested in your opinion more than you think, especially since she wants to make sure it’s a day for the two of you.

2. Be Supportive of Spousal Stress. Offer to help even when you don’t know what you could possibly do. Don’t guess here, just ask flat out: ‘What can I do that would help you with the planning’? Reassure her what a great job she is already doing and never tell her things like ‘I’m sure it’ll be fine.'”

3. Be Mindful of Family (And In-Laws). When you say ‘I do’ to that beautiful woman you love so much, you’re also saying ‘welcome’ to a set of in-laws. Every person comes with their family and not only will you be helping to plan an important day for your relationship, but for your relatives, too.

4. Be Budget-Conscious — But Flexible. The important part of wedding planning is to make sure that you understand what you’re willing to spend and stick to it. Be upfront and honest. It doesn’t matter what things cost, it matters what you can afford.

5. Make Sure Your Groomsmen Work Together. One stress that your bride definitely doesn’t need? Collecting and organizing your groomsmen. From picking out what suit you’ll wear to making sure they arrive on time, you should be the ringleader and not involve your partner with any stresses that happen along the way.

6. Plan the Honeymoon from Top to Bottom. While some couples may choose to plan their honeymoon together, traditionally, a groom will surprise his bride with an amazing trip.