Study: Women Who Wear Revealing Outfits Don’t Attract The Opposite Sex

 Women who wear skimpy outfits to attract a guy might be wasting their time. University of Kent researchers examined the pupils of heterosexual men as they viewed pictures of clothed and naked women, calculating how much the pupils widened, an indication of excitement. The results? There was little difference in levels of excitement, no matter how much flesh was exposed. Partial nakedness, where the sexual regions of the photographs were blurred, showed a less strong reaction than either fully clothed or naked pictures. Similar results were seen when women were shown photos of clothed and unclothed men. There was one notably different response, though, when nude pictures were viewed both sexes spent more time ogling the image’s private parts. Study authors say previous studies found greater nudity generated higher levels of excitement when factors such as genital arousal were included. They suggest that it could mean only a low level of arousal is needed to cause a change in pupil size. (Daily Mail