Lifting Weights Is Fine . . . but Lowering Them Is Even Better

You know those guys at the gym who lift too much weight, then drop the dumbbells on the ground with a huge thud? They’re usually the same jerks who grunt a lot, and spend five minutes checking themselves out in the mirror.

Well according to a new study, you shouldn’t just drop weights like that . . . because LOWERING them is even better than LIFTING them. If you know a lot about weightlifting, it might not be that surprising. But for the rest of us, here comes the science . . .

A group of researchers in Finland did a series of studies where they had one group of guys do a normal leg workout. And another group focused more on exercises that involved lowering the weights.

33 guys worked out twice a week for two-and-a-half months. And the ones who focused on lowering weight gained 5 to 10% more strength and endurance. Plus they KEPT getting stronger, while the other group plateaued about five weeks in.

A second study also tested their blood. And the ones who focused on lowering weights had more testosterone and growth hormone in their system after they worked out.

The easiest way to incorporate it into YOUR workout is to slow down. Like if you’re doing pushups, go down slowly, not all at once. (JYU / Men’s Fitness)